About you: Of course it’s about you. After all, it’s your house. Much more, it’s your sanctuary, the place where you and your family are sheltered and where you can share your private lives. We know how important that is to you. But remodeling is often an invasive and messy undertaking. So we try hard to minimize the impact on your life for the duration of the job. After all, it’s your house and we’re just guests.

About us: 4 Rivers Contractors Inc. is a full service remodeling company, located in Yonkers and serving Westchester County. Owner and President Frank Cioffi has been a self employed carpenter and remodeler since 1980. “Working in older homes for 30+ years, I’ve never worked in a house that was the same as any of the previous ones. It’s remarkable to see the variety of architectural design in homes from the earlier 20th century. They all have their own character and present different challenges to the remodeler”. Taking on these challenges has earned us the respect of the design and trade professionals that are part of our network, helping us produce quality projects that we can be proud of. Newer homes are easier to work on but still need tight doors and windows, a good roof, durable masonry, and good indoor air quality.

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